Cigar Mistakes You Should Never Make.

As a cigar connoisseur, we are very meticulous about our cigar etiquette. Smoking a cigar is an experience that has to be enjoyed at its best. But, as for anything, there is always a good approach and a bad way to do something. Therefore, if you would like to appropriately appreciate and value the cigar, […]

Body treatment

What body treatment can do to you   Every now and then I feel like I deserve to pamper myself after working so many hours, taking care of the kids, working out or to put it simply, a break from my hectic life. Luckily a body treatment in KL is so much cheaper than in […]

My Experience with 4G Internet in Cambodia.

My Experience with 4G Internet in Cambodia.   I compared numerous telecommunicatons providers since I wanted fast internet, nationwide coverage, a superb price, including a great device. That’s when I realised that Smart features a range of packages, so there is always one that fits you.Also I learned that Smart has the fastest internet speed […]

P1 Unlimited High Speed Broadband

Malaysia Unlimited High Speed Broadband Review: P1 Well, I have been considering various internet packages available in Kuala Lumpur, I wanted something which I can just plug in and connect at any area in my house which kinda wipped out all the ones linked to TV (that I don’t want anyway). I took a look […]

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation: The good and the bad     Breast augmentation is the fancy medical term for breast implants, which commonly consist of two options – saline and silicone. For the most part, breast augmentations are generally frowned upon by the society. The misconceptions on this cosmetic surgery is on such a scale that many […]

Cocktail Bar in Kuala Lumpur

The 25 Best Cocktail Bars As Kl grows ever upwards, one of the benefits is surely an improving range of rooftop bars where you could get spectacular opinions of the place.One will find that for the most part these are based on high end five star hotels, which has mixed customers of well-heeled locals, expats […]

Fine Dining In KL

QuickLinks: – Fine Dining in KL – Steak House  – Cigar Lounge Malaysia As one of the most world’s most loved cuisines it might be a surprise to discover that a true Italian cuisine hardly exists. The fact is, Italian meals are still largely considered by regions with each region in Italy creating its very […]